Moisture Rich Tissue Go - 10 Pack


One of our most gentle tissues can now travel with you to your next destination. The comfort and softness of home is now in an easy-to-carry pack. 

- Plant-based material
- Infused with Japanese ginseng moisturizing cream 
- 3 ply tissues
- 40 Total sheets per pouch / 400 Sheets per pack
- 3-year shelf-life
- Recyclable packaging

Key Ingredients: 100% Canadian Wood Pulp, Japanese Ginseng Moisturizing Cream

Soft & Absorbent

  • Moisturizing ingredients makes the paper double soft and smooth. 
  • The natural cream reduces friction with the tissue surface
  • Calendering treatment to reduce damage to the skin 
  • High-grade hygienic quality 
  • Natural moisturizing factor forms a “water-protective film,” moisturizing the skin  
  • Long and short fiber interweaving technology

Use scenarios: homes, offices, misc. personal hygiene 

Safe & Antibacterial

  • Natural oil (extracted from palm oil) can effectively inhibit bacteria 
  • Relieves symptoms of pollen, allergies and cold symptoms
  • Low pH and weak acidity, no irritation

What Is Japanese Miyoshi Face Cream?
The world's first brand of cream moisturizer — MIYOSHI The Japanese MIYOSHI opened in 1921 and has a history of over a century. Miyoshi Oil is a listed company in Japan, and its MIYOSHI is the world's first brand of cream moisturizers. Its products have a market share of 85% in the Japanese Moisturizing Paper market. The Japanese market uses Miyoshi product. The Japanese market has maintained a record of "zero complaints" for many years. Through national safety testing, oral mucosa, skin, and antibacterial testing, a professional report from the State Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau can be issued.

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