Everyday Tissue - 3 Pack



Environmentally sustainable and biodegradable, our bamboo tissues are designed with the future of our planet in mind. They stand up to the toughest of stains and mess, while being gentle enough to use on skin. 

- High-quality bamboo raw material
- Natural, flexible paper face towel
- Dry paper does not shed crumbs 
- Not easy to break when wet or in water
- 3-ply for strength
- Recyclable product
- 120 sheets per pouch / 360 sheets per 3-pack
- Eco-friendly and Ethically sourced
- Antibacterial raw material

Key Ingredients:  Virgin bamboo pulp 

High Quality Raw Materials

  • Healthy paper comes from healthy raw materials. We select organic bamboo exclusively from the forest base at 29° North latitude, meeting the EU organic certification. Combined with patented pulping technology, our bamboo tissue is of the highest quality
  • More flexible, tougher and more water-absorbing than standard tissue. Fit for both dry and wet use
  • The fiber length and weave results in durability far exceeding the national standard
  • Dry paper does not shed dust or "crumbs" 

Minimally Processed & Antibacterial

  • No bleaching. From bamboo to pulp, from pulp to paper, from paper to you
  • The natural antibacterial ingredient bamboo quinone effectively inhibits bacterial and insect pests
  • European and American food-grade certification

Use scenarios: homes, offices, dining establishments

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