Dry & Wet Cotton Tissue Go - 10 Pack


Durable yet soft, in a convenient travel pack. Great for the office, car, or in your carry-on. 

- Spunlace non-woven fabric technology
- Free of harmful chemical additives and harmful substances like fluorescent agents
- Ultra-absorbent fiber design
- Excellent for both wet and dry use
- Soft on skin
- Extra large sheet size (180x200mm)
- 20 sheets per pouch / 200 sheets per pack
- 3-Year shelf life

Key Ingredients: 100% USA Cotton

High Quality Raw Materials

  • Obtained certification from Cotton USA (CCI)
  • Finely spun, delicate and soft
  • Less impurities and no chemical additives
  • Dry or wet, the tissue does not shed or break
  • Recyclable 

Use scenarios: homes, offices, misc. personal hygiene 

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