Dry & Wet Tissue


A multi-use household staple, the dry & wet tissue can be used wherever a clean up is needed. From dirty dishes to messy hands, we'll be there. 

- Plant-based material
- Spunlace non-woven fabric
- Micro pearl texture
- Can be used dry or wet
- 70 total sheets / 140 sheets per 2-pack / 420 sheets per 6-pack
- 2-year Shelf-Life

Key Ingredients Wood-derived fiber

High Quality Raw Materials

  • The raw material comes from the equatorial protected area, and it is grown under sufficient light for 5 years before it is used in production
  • Using wood-derived fiber as the raw material, the plant fiber obtained by can be naturally degraded and return to nature in 90 days. 
  • The fiber length and weave results in durability far exceeding the national standard
  • Dry or wet, the tissue does not crumble or tear while in use

Minimally Processed

  • Using the spunlace three-dimensional weaving process, the plant fiber is processed, disinfected and combed into a soft tissue

Use scenarios: homes, offices, dining establishments, misc. personal hygiene 

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