By the time of 2019, when we had an idea for this brand, the three of us founders together had amassed 45 years of global experience ranging from finance, hospitality, F&B, brand distribution, design, marketing and advertising: in 6 different cities globally.

We wanted to celebrate China with the world. To break down invisible walls, we wanted to be designed and created in China with a global perspective. As we were brainstorming, we were inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy from Lao Tzu’s Dao De Jin’s 22nd chapter. The wisdom captured in his words are as applicable to this modern day and age as it was written 2,500 years ago. Through Lao Tzu we knew we wanted to show humility.

Living in the world of excess we wanted to provide: Life, Easier & Happier. With this guiding principle we wanted to change people’s daily habits one day at a time. The ‘light bulb’ moment hit us when it happens to take 21 days to develop and / or change a habit. Hence: ch22 is your 22nd day. PROMISE OF A NEW DAY.

As three young hands-on active fathers, we are encouraged in providing a better home. Not quite the rocket scientist, but we have figured out a life learning:
Happy Home = Happy Wife. Happy Wife = Happy Life. If A = B and B = C, then A = C!

In curating a ‘Happy Home’ we categorize our creations simply through providing Clean, Care & Protect, which should ultimately give you Smiles !
Furthermore, from one generation to the next, we understand the values of sustainability. It is in our priority as we build out our next steps, we promise to develop our creations and take a leap into this direction

As this journey is only the beginning, we encourage you to explore, discover and play together with us. We are combining our humble life learnings of success and failures into ch22 . Hopefully you can see our vision as we do through our creations.

Henry Young, Calvin Lee, Jason Lee