Ultra Soft Face Wash Wipes


Wipe away the day with the Ultra Soft Face Wash Wipes. Soft yet strong, these will leave your skin fresh and clean with each use. 

- Plant-based material 
- Woven for strength
- Can be used dry or wet
- Easy to tear seam

- 40 sheets per box
- 3-year shelf-life

Soft & Absorbent 

  • 6 layers of non-woven fabric creating strong water absorption.
  • Holds strength when wet due to the tightly interwoven fiber layer which aids in retention.
  • When wet, the face wipe transforms into a wonderful makeup remover and easily removes residue.
  • Soft on sensitive skin, and safe to use on infants. 

Additive Free

  • No formaldehyde or other preservatives
  • No fluorescent or bleaching powder added

Use scenarios: homes, offices, misc. personal hygiene 

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