Eye Love

Give your eyes a break with Eye Love. Twenty minutes of uninterrupted warming relaxation for your most-used senses. 

- Patented self-heating technology
- 20 minutes of soothing warmth
- Rich in negative ion ingredients
- Individually packed, easy to open
- Pearl-like texture on non-woven fabric
- 30 eye masks per box
- 3-year shelf-life

Key Ingredients
: non-woven fabric, sheet heating substrate (iron powder, activated carbon, water-absorbing resin,water), chamomile, cassia, wolfberry, lutein extract

Precautions: Infants, pregnant women, those with mobility issues or eye diseases, injuries or swelling around the eyes, and skin diseases are advised not to use this product.

Use scenarios
: homes, offices, airports, or anywhere you can relax

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